Today I went to London and I was planning to go to the Chelsea Physic garden. However, I walked by batersea park instead. There was a very interesting Japanese folly there by the river but unfortunately I could not get a picture of it.

Due to me not going to Chelsea Physic Garden there will be no Theme post tomorrow. However, I will hopefully be going to the Hampton Court flower show so I’m very exited. I will hopefully be able to get some pictures of the gardens and do some explanation into them.


No blog post today

there will be no blog post today as done nothing in the garden. This is because I have been in Lewis all day trying and failing to pick up some water tanks and metal planters to use as a pot display.

However I have added pictures to yesterday’s post and I might do a Theme post tomorrow.

Very busy in the garden today

Just a small insight into what happened in the garden today:

  • 50% of lawns mown
  • Topary by the patio has been trimmed
  • Weeding has taken place around the patio, in walled garden and in top garden.
  • Lime walk the alcamilla has been cut  back
  • Large amounts of cutting back has taken place under the fig tree in walled garden
  • We also prepared vunrsble plants from being battered by the rain that came this afternoon by putting supports round them.

On the schedual tomorrow is strimming, mowing and cutting back of plants by the road.

Puctures will be included below when the rain has subsided. It has been raining all afternoon and is due to all night too. This is good as there is less watering for us to do saving our water bill.

Now the rain has subsided I managed to take some pictures:

Tied up so the wind and rain does not batter it.


Topary trimming


Cutting back in patio area just to left of picture above




It’s now the time of year when the Buddleia come into flower. We have them in the top garden. They are such a bright purple and are a huge feature of the Beds up there at the moment. Well to be honest everything else is going to seed and we are just waiting for them to Finnish and then a massive clearing operation will be under way up there. However, for now the bright purple of the budddleia is the only colour in the bed well apart from green that is.

We also took some cuttings of buddleia last year and this is how they are getting on. In a few years they will be added to the beds as they are a little small at the moment so will get friends of light by the other more established plants.


Hopes grove

In my last post I mentioned that I bought some saliva amistad from hopes grove nurseries. They are a nursery in Tenterden who have plant sales a few times a year and have a fantastic selection of plants at suppliers prices so well worth a visit.

This years sale dates are below:

June 30th, July 1st, 2nd

July 21st. 1 Day Charity sale. 100% proceeds to ECHO. (Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation)

September 1st, 2nd, 3rd

September 22nd, 23rd, 24th

October 13th, 14th, 15th

Salvia Anastad

Well if I have already not mentioned my favourite plant is salvia amastad. I first noticed it in the Shakespeare garden at the Hampton Court Flower Show and then  promptly purchased twelve of them off a nursery that had a stall at the show. And then took them home and immediately planted them in the barn bed. I then took cuttings of them to grow some more but unfortunately only one of the cuttings survived and grew into a plant. Several of the plants did not survive the winter so unfortunately had to be replaced. However, I could not only replace the ones that had not survived but also get some extra ones … becuse when u are at hope grove nursery how can you not.

Below are some pictures of this fantastic plant growing in the garden. I just love the diffrent shades of purple it is spectacular!





Strumming in 32 degrees

Now the hedge parsley has finished it is now time to strum over the area. I think it is fair to say choosing the hottest day in June in 175 years (or something like that) was not the best idea. However, we get on with the job anyway.

Below is how we did it:

Step 1: – Strum over the area first on the agenda is the area under the apple trees (that was shown in my vegetable post earlier in the week).


Step 2: – Leave the grass to dry ( quite a quick process in 32 degrees)


Step 3: – Rake up the grass into piles.


Step 4: – Bag up all the cut grass. It was convenient we only have one bag as we had leant our other five to a friend who was doing some hedge cutting today.


Step 5: – Transport to bombfire or compost bay.



Step 6: – Run a mower over the top of the area so it can pick up any loose grass that has been missed.


Step 7: – the Finnished product shoud look like this.


This post has been using the Apple/ plum tree area as a example however, the job does not end here this prosess is now repeated on a bank and under the trees at the bottom of the garden so will be back out tomorrow to do some more.


The Vegetable Beds

Here are a few pictures of our vegetable beds. They are located on the left hand side of the walled garden.

However, we are not growing as much this year due to going down to smaller area.

Wigwam structure – we have 4 one in the centre of each bed.


Beans growing up wigwam structure shown above!


Beatroot we grow 3 types the common variety and 2 rarer varieties


Peas growing up pea sticks (excess point to point racing sticks tgst go in top of the jumps)


Tomato plants (we have about 8 others in greenhouse but these are the ones growing outside )


Salad leaves


Strawberries (under the netting) and raspberries (in the centre) I know it is in need of a weed … my job for tomorrow.


Marrygolds these mask the smell of the vegetable plants so the pests don’t eat them


4 apple trees and 2 plum trees the apple are made into our own apple juce







Damson tree


Gooseberry tree (new edition 2 years ago)


I hope you have found this interesting. We are planning to create a larger vegetable patch with fruit cage but that is a long way down the line so a few years away.