HCFS – Floral Marquee

The floral Marquee is the largest marquee on the show ground and contains displays of plants that have been grown to perfection.


Plants in defender 

This was not in the floral marquee but I included it because it is so fun. It was created by a nursery offering a delivery service at the show.

Primroses in Mini

This was in the floral marquee and is a wonderful fun display full of colour. This was my favourite display in the marquee.


Sweet pea

This is excellently put together and a wonderful shape with he green behind bringing out the colours of the flowers.



Lavender planted in oil drums. This is an excellent example of what up cycling can achieve.



This was a spectacular display not only because of the diverse range of colours but also because the hight of the display you cloud almost see it from the other end of the marquee.



This is a good display as it has a good structure with the different levels of the plant make it look like steps. The stalks are also so straight it adds to the effect. The verity of heads of the allium is also spectacular as it really shows the verity in the species.



I had not come across this plant before I went to the show and I find the colour spectacular. I am now in the process of finding a place to put some in the garden as they will add lots of hight.


We have this plant in the garden in blue. This is one of the plants i love as it love how the flower head is full of loads of flowers that are spaced out so each are individually recognised. They are also read bright and go very well with grasses. This can be seen in Perennial Sanctuary Garden designed by Tom Massey that was entered as a garden for changing world in the right hand side of the picture

Some displays can look a lot like gardens

This is a display made in the marquee that looks much more like a garden that a plant display. I love the figures and the planting style around them so had to share it on here. Hope you enjoy it too.


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