Plant shopping at Great Dixter 

As we were cutting the meddow I noticed that lots of it was just grass so not many seed heads to place back on top of the ground so I drove down to Great Dixter to ask if I could have some more excess meddow cuttings. While I was there I got tempted by some fantastic plants in the nursery.

Agapanthus Navy Blue. I bought this because it is a nice plant and I love agapanthus. 

Geranium Rozanne this is to replace the Johnsons blue we have in the lime walk. As Rozanne is more clumpy and does not spread every where like Johnsons blue.

I also got these red salvias. As you might know from reading my previous posts I love salvias. However, in the garden they are mainly purple so having these red ones realy adds verity and colour in the garden. 

Note: I do not know whst type of red salvia it is so if anyone knows I would appreciate if they let me know?

Ensete ventricosum Maurelii this will grow to over one meter adding lots of hight to the garden.

Canna indica Russia Red this will also grow to over one meter adding lots of hight to the garden. 

The last two are not plants my family would useually buy but I bought them anyway in order to challenge their choice of plants in the garden. 


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